Offer confidence and payment options to your client families

Worthright's powerful software and concierge service help more families feel confident affording high quality, private pay care services.

How does Worthright help your business?

Reduces caregiver churn

Helping families understand their options  helps you forecast staffing needs, which means job stability for caregivers. Stability means a better experience for everyone.

More families become clients

Families are often concerned about cost. Providing insight into their options to pay for care increases confidence and peace of mind during a stressful, chaotic time.

Differentiates you from the crowd

Becoming a resource means you're not merely a service provider - you're more than that. Win referrals and build loyalty with those who matter most.

Why use Worthright?

We've lived this experience and have turned that into a program used by the top, most innovative home care providers in the nation. Our program is low risk and fits into your existing business workflows.

We’re purpose built for this

Worthright relies heavily on the input of its customers to design and build features that make a difference in your business. We ask a lot of questions, and deliver results with compassion to every customer and client we interact with.

What our customers are saying

Using Worthright allows us to understand more about our clients, be a valuable resource for them, and serve them to the fullest. Worthright helps ensure each family is confident and can afford what they desire.

Ari Medoff, CEO

Ensuring financial viability for the care of a loved one is critical. Worthright helps families understand this concept in a relatable terms.

Kevin Smith, CEO
Best of Care

Financial conversations and the aging journey are  delicate, involving dynamics that our clients are not prepared for. We know we have found the best solution in Worthright to navigate these experiences while aligning well with our core mission.

Jonna Hernandez, VP

How does Worthright help each family?

Financial Confidence

Helping families paint their financial picture in a chaotic time builds confidence, creates clarity, and often produces relief amongst family members.

Hands-on Support

Every prospective or current client family is paired with a  Worthright Specialist. From intake to resolution, each family receives concierge support from a real human.

Creative Options

Worthright leverages its roots in design thinking and financial problem solving to get creative in every way possible. We think outside the box in safe, practical ways.

A turnkey program for your business

Our program is delivered using two simple elements:

  • Powerful Software to intake, forecast, and qualify families benefits and funding options
  • Concierge Service to help families create a plan and secure funding (as needed)

A concierge experience for each family

Every family receives ongoing support and attention from a Worthright Specialist

  • Specialists do the heavy lifting and hard work
  • Families receive personalized options

Worthright is our trusted partner on client affordability. Using Worthright allows us to understand more about our clients, be a valuable resource for them, and serve them to the fullest. Worthright helps ensure they are confident and can afford everything they desire.”

Ari Medoff
CEO, Arosa

Offer Worthright to your clients

No Startup or Annual Fees

Offering Worthright’s financial assistance to families doesn’t cost you anything.

Minimal Effort or Disruption

We’ve built a low-effort process to ensure your team can continue to focus on your core business of care, not worrying about family financials.

Dedicated Success Team

Our team becomes your team to support the program and provide a concierge experience to every family we service together.

About Worthright

We're on a mission to answer the fundamental question of how to live and afford a wonderful life as we age.