We are all Worthright

We founded the company after a deeply personal experience. We have lived this immensely rewarding, yet stressful challenge and have dedicated ourselves to helping other families see the opportunities that we saw only after it was too late. 

What We Do

Worthright helps families of aging adults plan and pay for a high quality of life and independence as they age. We help families at all stages of their caregiving journey - from adult children who are planning ahead to those who are thrust into the role of caregiving after a medical incident - and everyone in between. 

Our Team

Aaron O'Hearn

Co-Founder and CEO

Christian Carollo

Co-Founder and CTO

Patricia Vosburg

Lead Family Advocate

Brian O'Connor

Editorial Director

Elliot Young

Full Stack Developer

Ian Hughes

Head of Marketing

A Message from our founders

Getting older and assuming the responsibility of a parent or loved one is stressful. Many of us struggle with self preservation: balancing our own lives -- full of children, relationships, work and countless other emotional and financial responsibilities -- with the lives of our parents. 

Somehow our parents managed to do it for us, and now it’s time we return the favor. In a few short years, more than 50 million of us around the country will be responsible for one of our parents. In that same time frame, another 50 million of our parents will enter retirement without enough money saved to last their lifetime, let alone pay for a high quality of life where they retain their strength, fierce independence and hero-status as they’ve held for so long.

We believe that someone’s health, and their financial wellbeing are inextricably linked. Rather than shying away from one or the other - we’ve brought them together. 

Just as we have received help from others through our journey as caregivers, we hope to provide the same for you.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family,

Aaron (CEO) & Christian (CTO) 
Cofounders of Worthright

What We Stand For

Our values are what hold us accountable as a company. Accountable to ourselves, our customers, and everyone we interact with.

We are Sincere

We pride ourselves on being transparent because that helps create trust. Being candid with our customers and partners is not only good business, it's the right thing to do.

We are Simple

We know from experience that this process can be confusing. We do our best to make the complex understandable by being clear and straightforward in our words and actions.

We are Optimisitic

We are always looking towards a brighter future by finding the opportunities in any situation. We are not unrealistic cheerleaders. We are confident in our ability to find unconventional solutions for our customers.

We are Supportive

We aim to better understand our customers’ unique challenges by listening to understand, rather than listening to respond. We don’t have all the answers, but we’ve been there and have the empathy needed to better understand these difficult situations. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, and keep the ones we do make.

We are Creative

We are divergent thinkers unencumbered by the need to be right or previous knowledge of the status quo. We create revelatory moments but are not attention-seeking in doing so.


We are actively looking for individuals with experience in engineering, data science, digital marketing, senior care and retirement-focused financial services.