The concierge who won't leave your side

Worthright matches you with hands-on, professional support and attention.

How does Worthright help each family?

Financial Confidence

Helping families paint their financial picture in a chaotic time builds confidence, creates clarity, and often produces relief amongst family members.

Hands-on Support

Every prospective or current client family is paired with a  Worthright Specialist. From intake to resolution, each family receives concierge support from a real human.

Creative Options

Worthright leverages its roots in design thinking and financial problem solving to get creative in every way possible. We think outside the box in safe, practical ways.

How it works for the family

Phase I: Paint the picture

We pair each family with a specialist and get to work. They stay by the families side, working for and in collaboration with them to paint the financial picture.


We begin by explaining the process, the assessment, the outcome and requesting specific household information.


Our specialists work in collaboration with a family to gather necessary documents or information to complete the assessment.


We review the results of an assessment with you, and with the family. We can do this on our own or in concert with a trusted advisor.

Phase II: Evaluate the options

Through the assessment, a picture is built that shows the family how their collective assets, income and benefits can combine and be used thoughtfully and confidently afford high quality care.

Compare to the Plan

We compare this financial picture to the cost of services a family is considering. Most families gain confidence by seeing the comparison, but can continue to request options as needed.

Review Personalized Options

A Specialist will review a set of personalized options based on each family and the situation. Nothing we do impacts your credit or requires any commitment or fee to explore

Transaction Support

Rest assured - you’re in good hands. Stay connected virtually while we do the nitty-gritty - whatever that may entail.

Finding a company that was knowledgeable about eldercare, a little about the law, and about financial planning helped bring everything together. I stopped wondering if there was something I didn't know about."

Daughter in Washington, D.C.

We want to work with you

No Startup or Annual Fees

Offering Worthright’s financial assistance to families doesn’t cost you anything. We generate a fixed fee 
from any offer a family elects.

Minimal Effort or Disruption

We’ve built a low-effort process to ensure your team can continue to focus on your core business, not worrying about financing.

Dedicated Success Team

As a partner, you receive the full weight of Worthright. Our team becomes your team to support the program and each client we service together.

About Worthright

We're on a mission to answer the fundamental question of how to live and afford a wonderful life as we age.