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Remove affordability from the equation.

Worthright enables more families to afford the care and lifestyle you provide.

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Effortlessly help families understand what they can comfortably afford.

Worthright is an affordability management tool that helps your families easily and immediately understand how their illiquid assets can fund more of the services you provide.

We focus on delivering families critical information so you can focus on providing the highest level of service possible.

Affordability is a growing problem.
According to AARP, 76% percent of adults want to stay in their home as they age, yet only 13% can currently afford to do so.
Living a full life is a right.
Older adults shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice their life for their lifestyle. Increasingly, seniors and their caregivers are opting out of positive lifestyle choices because they’re afraid they can’t afford them. Removing this stress for families can have an enormously positive impact, and you can be a part of it.
A Growing Trend.
More and more families are turning to existing and un-tapped life insurance assets to help fund lifestyle choices and care. More than $10B of insurance value has been redirected for these purposes over the past 3 years.

Affordability is it.

The nations top home care and assisted living communities cite affordability as the number one risk to their business.

There are ways to handle this now. Start helping more families afford your care.

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