Reliable, Private, Innovative, and Flexible Financing Solutions.

Worthright’s mission is to help families afford a wonderful life as they age - let’s do that together.

Why partner with Worthright?

We’ve lived this challenge, and  understand that interacting with families, particularly regarding finances is extremely timely, and extremely sensitive.

We know finances, and you know home care. Together we deliver personalized solutions to each family, helping them acheive the life and care they desire.

Get started today

No credit impact, pre-qualification for clients

Launch your financing program in weeks

Integrated into your current workflow

How it works

Help prospects become clients

40% of families haven’t saved enough for retirement, 
let alone for the cost of high-quality home-based health services.

Integrate Worthright into your sales process by giving families the option to speak with your (Worthright) Advocate. We’ll speak directly with each family, building up a financial picture and conducting an assessment of how their current finances can fund future care services.

Retain clients for longer

Invite families to meet with your Worthright Family Advocate. Do so proactively, or at first warning sign of discharge. We work with each family to build a comprehensive financial assessment that surfaces unique, tactical ways to unlock money from existing assets so they can continue receiving the lifestyle and care they desire. We’ll walk them through any financing option they choose.

48 hours after the first meeting everyone knows what is possible.

Provide confidence and clarity to families.

Home care is on pace to become a $100b business in the U.S. alone. Differentiate from the crowd by offering this service to families. Worthright leverages our empathy training, technical capability blending insurance and finance, and our personal experience to deliver a comprehensive, personal experience that you and client families can rely on.

Growing together means helping more families

Constant Improvements

We believe in making regular, incremental improvements, rather than large, costly program upgrades that could be disruptive.

Regular Program Reviews

We’ll schedule program reviews every 4-6 weeks; your Worthright Success team will ask for feedback and areas where we can improve.

Refine Things Together

Refining the program together helps more families find financial confidence, which is good for everyone.

A simple process for families

Financial Assessment

We conduct a confidential financial assessment

Produce funding options

Our system finds personalized options for each family

Review options with the family

Worthright reviews every option with each family

Provide 1:1 transaction support

We provide hands-on support for any financing activity a family chooses

We want to work with you

No Startup or Annual Fees

Offering Worthright’s financial assistance to families doesn’t cost you anything. We generate a fixed fee 
from any offer a family elects.

Minimal Effort or Disruption

We’ve built a low-effort process to ensure your team can continue to focus on your core business, not worrying about financing.

Dedicated Success Team

As a partner, you receive the full weight of Worthright. Our team becomes your team to support the program and each client we service together.

About Worthright

We're on a mission to answer the fundamental question of how to live and afford a wonderful life as we age.