A product and a service designed around you

Worthright's financial planning and support program is built specifically for private-pay senior care providers and their unique workflows.

Powerful Technology meets Personal Service

Simple Intake

We provide you various ways to intake a client. Use our web tools, or embed custom links in your email, invoices or materials.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Prospects or clients can access Worthright any time of day, whether your team is behind the phone or not.

Concierge Service

Every prospect or client is matched with a licensed specialist who serves the family with compassion, speed and practicality.

We don't usually get involved in family money issues - can we still offer Worthright?

Absolutely - we designed the program to deliver insight to you, and confidence to the family, without  you needing to ask any financial questions of a family.

Does my team have to be tech savvy to use Worthright?

Not at all - if your team is comfortable using email, they'll be comfortable using Worthright.

A personal, attentive Concierge Service

Our team becomes your team

Our success team conducts regular trainings, Q&A sessions and engages at every level to ensure the program is a success with your team and client families.

Personal Support & Attention

Families are matched with a specialist who will:

  • Reach out personally via phone and email to each family
  • Work on behalf of and in direct collaboration with the family and any trusted advisors
  • Support the family no matter the financial outcome

We want to work with you

No Startup or Annual Fees

Offering Worthright’s financial assistance to families doesn’t cost you anything. We generate a fixed fee 
from any offer a family elects.

Minimal Effort or Disruption

We’ve built a low-effort process to ensure your team can continue to focus on your core business, not worrying about financing.

Dedicated Success Team

As a partner, you receive the full weight of Worthright. Our team becomes your team to support the program and each client we service together.

We'll miss you.

Worthright was founded with a simple goal: to help families plan and pay for the care of their loved ones. However, that goal is everything but simple to achieve.

For many families, the topic of wealth management is extremely foreign - something reserved for anyone but themselves. As such, Worthright endeavored to support the 50 million families who are financially responsible for an older adult by taking the guesswork out of senior care finances.

By empowering families to organize their financials, evaluate payment options and financially contribute to a loved one's care, we sought to reduce the stress a family felt, and return attention back to what mattered.

Sadly, after working with over 50 care agencies and hundreds of families, we were unable to find a model to sustain the business. As a result, Worthright has ceased operations. Thank you to our customers, partners, investors and families who believed in our vision for a better future.

Aaron, Christian & the team at Worthright