A product and a service designed for you

Worthright's financial analysis and assistance program is built specifically for private-pay senior care providers

Powerful Software + Personal Service

Effortless Intake

Intake a prospective client without asking financial questions, but receive powerful insight that helps guide you and the client toward the best outcome.

Powerful Data & Insights

Create helpful and engaging care plans, help families make good decisions all while gaining insights that help grow your business and retain valuable staff.

Concierge Service

Every prospective or current client is assigned a Worthright Specialist - they serve each family with compassion and practicality  from intake through resolution.

We don't get involved in family money issues - can we still offer Worthright?

Absolutely - we designed the program to deliver insight to you, and confidence to the family, without  you needing to ask any financial questions of a family.

Does my team have to be tech savvy to use Worthright?

Not at all - if your team is comfortable using email, they'll be comfortable using Worthright.

Some customers use Worthright to create powerful forecasts for families or to analyze the family's position in comparison to their care goals. Others simply intake a prospective family and let a Worthright Specialist step in to handle the rest.

Intake & Analysis Tool

Simple, yet powerful intake

In less than 30 seconds, intake a family (without any financial questions) and immediately receive a report that includes various qualification and benefit eligibility figures to help you serve the client.

Engaging Care Plans

Build forward-looking care plans for prospective or current client families using your own services and custom rates.

Show cost over time, consider discounts, bundles or including additional services - all within our configurable Service Plan Builder.

Visibility into the future

Visibility creates clarity - and clarity produces confidence for families making decisions.

Worthright automatically displays each care plan over time and creates detailed month-by-month expense and income charts based on the plan.

Affordability Analysis

Worthright compares a forward-looking service plan to a family's financial position to understand - and show in a digestible way - what's viable and what's not.

This analysis can be delivered by your team, or a Worthright Specialist.

Personalized options for each family

Worthright surfaces unique insights on how families can leverage their current assets to fund care. Our assessment produces various ways of unlocking income, asset equity, and eligibility for federal benefits.

Schedule a 20 minute overview of Worthright

A personal, attentive Concierge Service

Our team becomes your team

Our success team conducts regular trainings, Q&A sessions and engages at every level to ensure the program is a success with your team and prospective clients.

Personal Support & Attention

As soon as you complete an intake, a Worthright Specialist is assigned who will:

  • Communicate promptly with your team
  • Reach out personally to each family
  • Work on behalf of and in direct collaboration with the family to gather documents
  • Support the family no matter the financial outcome

We want to work with you

No Startup or Annual Fees

Offering Worthright’s financial assistance to families doesn’t cost you anything. We generate a fixed fee 
from any offer a family elects.

Minimal Effort or Disruption

We’ve built a low-effort process to ensure your team can continue to focus on your core business, not worrying about financing.

Dedicated Success Team

As a partner, you receive the full weight of Worthright. Our team becomes your team to support the program and each client we service together.

About Worthright

We're on a mission to answer the fundamental question of how to live and afford a wonderful life as we age.