Be a hero with every client family

Worthright combines long-term care planning with financial assistance to give you superpowers in your job.

Why use Worthright?

No matter when you come into a client family's life, serving them through challenging decision is your job. Worthright makes it simple to evaluate financial and health information together and effectively plan for life’s transitions. 

You're in full control over who sees what, which family members or partners get involved and how you interact with each of them.

We’ve got your back

Everyone who uses Worthright is assigned a coach. They'll help you use the tool effectively, or can call in support to help with whatever client situation may arise.

How Worthright works

Save time by inviting clients into your portal

Sometimes you have the information, but most of the time you’ll need to ask family members or other advisors to help. Easily get them involved and control exactly who sees what.

Create and share multiple plans

Invite clients to create plans, or build them on their behalf. 

Create multi-year, multi-service scenarios in any zip code across the country.

Worthright pulls real-time data for every zip code in the U.S. and compares it against the client’s financial picture to tell you what is, or is not financially viable.

Review and share the insights

Worthright’s tool computes the financial viability for each long-term care plan, surfaces ways to find more money and reduce expenses, and ensures a client can secure the financing they need to afford a high quality of life.

Easily share plans with family members or other advisors to get everyone on the same page with what’s happening.

You're in good company

As care professionals who are advising a family - we and our families struggle with the unknown, and are forced to make decisions without the right data. Worthright changes that."

Crystal Littlejohn
Geriatric Resources, LLC

We know that in most cases, the quality of care is linked to financial health, and cash matters more than ever. Worthright helps families and the people that serve them solve this exact issue.

Byron Cordes
Sage Care Management

Worthright solves a major problem by giving professionals like me more confidence around the finances of aging care.

Amy Cameron O'Rourke
The Cameron Group

How we help

We know you've spent your career building a trusted reputation with clients and your community. We want to strengthen your position and confidence by putting you in control of more information and clarity than ever before.

Save hours with each client

Invite your client or their family to complete the financial picture, or leverage other advisors to build clinically and financially relevant plans within your private portal.

Leverage years of data

Worthright combines multiple years of nationwide data from various providers to give you an accurate picture of costs that can drive your planning and family conversations.

Access dedicated support

Build and compare renovations, home care, assisted living and care management scenarios against your family’s current financial picture. See what is viable and what is not.

Receive powerful insights

Worthright surfaces helpful, hard to find information like current sale and rental values on property, outstanding liens and insurance policy and premium valuations.

Worthright saves me so much time it’s insane"

Mike Stankivish
Elder Law Attorney

Where we fit in

Use Worthright on your own

What does it mean?

You’re the go-to person for your clients. 
Worthright provides support and a dedicated coach, but you work directly with your clients.

This is good if you:

Are comfortable using a basic online tools with your clients

Prefer to be responsible for all of the client interactions

Are comfortable being the expert in most cases


Refer a family to Worthright

What does it mean?

Worthright becomes your partner. We do the work and serve as an Affiliated Family Advocate to your business, ensuring you, your staff and your clients always have the answers they need.

This is good if you:

Prefer having someone ‘on staff’ to work directly with your staff and clients

Have clients with complex family or financial dynamics

Want someone else involved who you and your clients can rely on

Simple Pricing

Worthright prices it's tool in a simple, straight forward way. There are no long-term contracts and you can cancel at anytime.

Moneyback Guarantee

If you're unhappy and would like to cancel in the first 30 days, we'll ask for an 'exit' interview and refund your money, no question about it.

An added bonus

Every Worthright customer receives a professional, modern, search-engine optimized profile page to make you more findable for families who seek your service. Each month, our Directory of Professionals receives more than 350,000 visitors through a series of partnerships we've built across the web.

Exposure to famlies

Exposure to 350,000 relevant, monthly visitors.

Control what’s displayed

Effortlessly build your profile and control exactly what is seen by search engines and by families

Tell the world

Show off client testimonials so new families know what it’s like to work with you.

About Worthright

We're on a mission to answer the fundamental question of how to live and afford a wonderful life as we age.