Give families the tools they need

Worthright provides financial assistance and care planning for families who are seeking long-term care.

Why refer to Worthright?

Worthright works 1:1 with each family. We advocate, we don't advise. We listen more than we speak, and we never hard sell. We combine years of care management expertise with financial technology to surface responsible funding solutions for a family.

What happens when I refer?

We'll verify that we've received your referral and then reach out learn about the family's situation. The family's information is stored in a secure, encrypted database and is never shared without their permission. You're kept in the loop with regular updates on our work with each family.

What can Worthright do? 

Our team handles the leg-work of planning, coordinating and securing financial assistance for each family.

Assessments and Qualification

Conducting assessments of current assets, expenses and insurance; working to qualify a family for the right financial instrument for their situation. Home Equity, Life Insurance or Personal Loans are all possible.

Transaction Management

Walking each family through any transaction they choose - no matter how long or challenging. We work with each family to find money that can keep them confidently living the lifestyle they desire.

Planning & Problem Solving

Getting creative about ways to help caregivers regain balance in their own life 
Working to [re]solve or mediate problems between family members

Family and Caregiver Coaching

Keeping caregivers balanced while keeping their loved one happy and safe. Preparing caregivers for discussions with medical professionals or service providers.

Finding a company that was knowledgeable about eldercare, a little about the law, and about financial planning helped bring everything together. I stopped wondering if there was something I didn't know about."

Daughter in Washington, D.C.

How it works

Meet and Listen

We meet each family where they are, listening more than talking, and we never hard sell. We understand their goals and then conduct an in-depth financial assessment.

Present Solutions

Within 48 hours of an assessment, we present the solutions a family has qualified for. We’ll discuss each in detail and help the family understand what each solution means for their future.

Transaction Support

If a family decides to move down a specific path, they’ll be paired with a Worthright Advocate who won’t leave their side until the process is complete.

What can Worthright help you do?

Qualify your families
for more services.

Worthright analyzes a family’s financial situation, looking at their home, insurance, income and expenses in order to surface unique insights on how to best use what they currently have to secure financing and fund the lifestyle they desire, for longer. 

Bring the right
people in to help

Sometimes an adult has all the information, but most of the time they’ll need to ask other family members or advisors to help. We get everyone involved and on the same page.

If an older adult doesn’t qualify for a specific financial solution, we can add other children or siblings to strengthen their position and ensure their continued independence.

Forecast the future
of a family's horizon

Worthright surfaces insights on how and when to use assets most effectively to ensure a family can responsibly fund the life and care they want.

Where we fit in

Refer someone
to Worthright

What does it mean?

Worthright becomes a partner to your business, we commit to response times, keeping you in the loop, and providing insight at every step of our process with a family.

This is good if you:

Don't want to adopt a new tool

Prefer referring people to multiple trusted resources

Don't need to rely on the family to purchase your service

Free - Forever.

Integrate Worthright into your workflow with families

What does it mean?

You want to use Worthright as part of your sales, marketing or operations process - you’d rather deliver an additional level of service to your clients.

This is good if you:

Want to be more hands on with family financials

Want to be a valuable, expert resource for families

Want to track the progress of the process

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About Worthright

We're on a mission to answer the fundamental question of how to live and afford a wonderful life as we age.