Financing Solutions for Long Term Care

January 5, 2022

Like many companies founded in the senior care space - we created Worthright after a deep, personal experience trying to do this very thing: find more money to pay for a high quality of life for our parents. In 2019 I became a full-time caregiver for my mom, left my job in finance to care for her, and emerged with a vision for something that I felt could help millions of families live a wonderful life through what are often challenging times.

Who are we today? We're a technology-driven financial services company focused on finding money for families to pay for a high quality of life and care as they age. We work personally with each family to conduct a financial assessment, source personalized financial options based on the family’s current assets and financial situation, and secure financing to help them afford the things they want today while working to protect their tomorrow.

What is the problem?

According to AARP's Retirement Confidence Survey, 52% of older adults are not confident in making money decisions related to long-term care.

Why does this matter? A lack of financial confidence leads families to make decisions that may be detrimental to their loved ones - electing not to keep their parents at home or trying to provide the care themselves rather than relying on trained, capable professionals.

This was something I felt acutely - until I wisened up and hired a care manager to help me coordinate and plan for my mom.

How does this impact someone's life?

It's these same under-confident adults who are making, or heavily influencing, decisions for themselves and their parents. Not only are they stretched incredibly thin with their own obligations, but many aren't clear what their options are, how much mom or dad can afford, whether they'll need to step in, and if so - what that could mean for their own kids, or their future in retirement.

With only 11% of older adults holding an active Long Term Care policy today; it leaves the 89% of families - who on average, own a home with no mortgage, possess other hard assets, but lack substantial income - with extremely limited options.

What is the solution

This is Worthright's place to shine - we provide financing solutions to families seeking long term care. For Home Care companies, we allow you to offer these Financing Solutions through a turn-key financial assistance program, providing various options to families without long-term care insurance.

How do you fit within my company?

We've designed a simple, straight-forward financial assistance program to fit within your workflow and help you achieve your business goals. We build custom solutions requiring minimal launch effort or disruption; and work hand in hand to ensure the right messaging, customer interactions and touch-points are set up.

What about the Caregiver?

For families who aren't working directly with a home care company, we offer Virtual Care Management to help a family caregiver create a plan of action and regain some balance in life. Our work also surfaces a variety of options for how to fund that plan and the services within it.

Learn more

To learn more about offering Worthright's Financing Solutions to your prospective and current clients, reach out - we'd love to hear from you.

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We'll miss you.

Worthright was founded with a simple goal: to help families plan and pay for the care of their loved ones. However, that goal is everything but simple to achieve.

For many families, the topic of wealth management is extremely foreign - something reserved for anyone but themselves. As such, Worthright endeavored to support the 50 million families who are financially responsible for an older adult by taking the guesswork out of senior care finances.

By empowering families to organize their financials, evaluate payment options and financially contribute to a loved one's care, we sought to reduce the stress a family felt, and return attention back to what mattered.

Sadly, after working with over 50 care agencies and hundreds of families, we were unable to find a model to sustain the business. As a result, Worthright has ceased operations. Thank you to our customers, partners, investors and families who believed in our vision for a better future.

Aaron, Christian & the team at Worthright