How to Determine if Families are Qualified for Care

January 5, 2022

The challenging reality for most geriatric care managers is that there are always more families that need care than there are those that can afford it. As much as you might want to help every family that reaches out to you, it’s crucial that you focus on families that can afford to hire you and your services. Knowing which families can afford care, or might be financially qualified to get the care they need, becomes essential.

Thankfully there are a few key signs that a family might be financially qualified to hire you. Here are some of the biggest signals that a family can handle the costs associated with long-term care.

They’ve Done Their Homework

Families that come into preliminary discussions with a general sense of what you do, and what their family members’ options are. will likely be somewhat familiar with how much they’ll have to spend. This can be a helpful sign for care managers in early-stage conversations with prospective clients.

This is true for two reasons: one, cost is one of the most prominent factors that come up when people explore it as an option. It’s impossible not to think about the financial elements of obtaining professional care when considering if it’s the right choice for a loved one. Second, people who do their homework tend to consider their own needs and capabilities in equal measure. This means they may already have an expectation of what they’ll have to pay.

They Can Offer Financial Information Easily

Not every family might understand their own finances and how they relate to affording care. Those who do, however, are more likely to have this information together and organized when they’re in preliminary discussions with you. This can be a good sign that a family is financially qualified for care. Families that have a strong sense of where their money is and how much they can afford to put toward care are more likely to approach you after already assessing their finances.

When In Doubt, Look for Resources 

Understanding if a family is financially qualified for your services and long-term care expenses isn’t always as easy as having well-prepared leads arriving at your doorstep. In fact, many families might have the money they need for care and not even realize it. That’s where Worthright can help. Our free financial assessment tool for care managers helps make it easy to uncover hidden sources of money that can make care more affordable. Plus, with our tool, care managers can take their intake assessments a step further by creating a robust financial outlook for each new client. Sign-up is quick and easy, and we’re always ready to help answer any questions you or a family might have.

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Worthright was founded with a simple goal: to help families plan and pay for the care of their loved ones. However, that goal is everything but simple to achieve.

For many families, the topic of wealth management is extremely foreign - something reserved for anyone but themselves. As such, Worthright endeavored to support the 50 million families who are financially responsible for an older adult by taking the guesswork out of senior care finances.

By empowering families to organize their financials, evaluate payment options and financially contribute to a loved one's care, we sought to reduce the stress a family felt, and return attention back to what mattered.

Sadly, after working with over 50 care agencies and hundreds of families, we were unable to find a model to sustain the business. As a result, Worthright has ceased operations. Thank you to our customers, partners, investors and families who believed in our vision for a better future.

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